CloudPage, UI/UX, Sales Cloud

Concept, design and development of a web app that allows FLOWFACT customers to confirm their offer quickly and easily.


FLOWFACT is a real estate software for managing customer relationships. With FLOWFACT, real estate agents can manage their marketing, sales and customer service through a central CRM platform. The SaaS solution aims to digitize and revolutionize the real estate industry.

Phelb helped put these values into action. With the digital opportunity acceptance page, FLOWFACT customers can conveniently confirm their offer online. This saves time and is cheaper than the analog predecessor.

"Thank you for the support. From the conceptual design to the creation and implementation of the digital offer acceptance page, we felt very well taken care of. Friendly, reliable and competent, we highly recommend Phelb."

Nele Brinkmann

Specialist Lead Operations

What we did

- Technical planning

- Responsive Design

- Fullstack Development

- Sales Cloud Integration

- Real-time email delivery

- Maintenance and Deployment


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