Component Library, Startup

Implementation of the re-design of a full-stack Next.js app that helps influencers successfully manage their professional everyday life.


As a web app for influencers, influix provides a comprehensive platform for managing collaborations, to-do lists, and invoices. Influencers can seamlessly organize and optimize their partnerships, ensuring smooth workflows in their collaborations.

Thanks to close collaboration between influix and Phelb, the startup was able to meet the planned release and distinguish itself from the competition with exceptional design.

"Thanks to Phelb, we got our re-design done in record time. Important for us was an uncompromising implementation of the given design system and the restoration of full functionality. Thanks for the great collaboration."

Dominik Sypniewski


What we did

- Component Library

- Consulting and Refactoring

- Full-stack Development

- TypeScript & Styled Components


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