B2B, SaaS, HR

Planning, design and implementation of a cloud personnel file that makes the paperless office a reality.


As a software provider and digital process solver with over 4,000 specialists, valantic offers digitization expertise for every customer challenge. valantic workdocs HR was created to meet the high demand for a digital personnel file.

By redesigning and building a Figma component library, we were able to efficiently implement the requirement for a modern web app. Thanks to refactoring the project and the introduction of TypeScript, the effort required to develop new features was reduced and the release plan was met.

"Our company is developing an innovative SaaS HR solution, and Phelb is a competent and reliable partner. Particularly valuable are the skills in UX design, which contribute significantly to a user-friendly solution. The combination of technical expertise and focus on optimal user experience makes Phelb an indispensable partner."

Bassam Kharashfeh

Product Manager & Business Developer

What we did

- Conception & UX design

- Consulting and refactoring

- Fullstack development

- Mentoring & onboarding

- Code style guide development


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